10 Absolute Best Shoes for the Snow

By: fashiontip.xyz

When you’re purchasing a pair of snow boots, it’s important to look for a few key details.

1) A sole with a solid grip material (no one wants to slip and slide on a fresh pile of powdery snow). Sorel seals nearly all of its boots with a seam-sealed waterproof construction feature.
2) Cozy lining (to keep your toes warm, obviously).
3) Quality material (a good pair of snow boots should last you season after season).

To ease your winter-weather footwear hunt, we’re sharing the top picks to stock up on before the next snowstorm hits.
The last and our favorite detail to keep in mind when searching for shoes for the snow finding a pair that includes all three of the above features but also lends a bit of style. Today’s options prove you don’t have to risk your fashion sense to keep your feet warm during winter. Shop the best boots for the snow below!


2. We love this non-black option.

3. Take on the snow with a little added height.

4. How cozy does that lining look?

5. Style these with your go-to black leggings.

6. We can totally see Kate Bosworth wearing these.

7. Snag these fashion-girl favorites while they are still on sale.

8. Lace-up details are a must.

9. Stay warm by wearing a pair of thick, cozy socks with these.

10. Red for the win.

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