Tattoo Your Face and Get Perfect Lips and Brows


Hey there my dear fashion divas! My post for today is called “Tattoo Your Face and Get Perfect Lips and Brows”. Many of you will be surprised to hear about how many world-known singers and actresses have had permanent cosmetics. At first I thought that this is totally crazy, but than I realized that this is so convenient and time saving, and it will also enhance your beauty.

The most prominent facial feature among the celebrities are probably the eyebrows. Whether they are thin or thick, blonde or black, they are part of the overall look and speak a lot about the attitude and the personality of one person and that’s why most of the celebs nowadays put a lot of importance on their brows and are trying to have the best looking eyebrows in Hollywood.

The lip tattoos are meant to enhance your lips. This procedure is not to create actual fullness, puffiness or volume, but to define the lips. It is all about the illusion, since some part of the process is about outlining the border of the lip.

The process of getting permanent lip tattoo is a little bit painful, because the lips are especially sensitive. But, there is an option to pay extra and get an anesthetic to block the pain. With this anesthetic, the procedure can be done much faster.

Lip-liner tattoos last longer than the temporary lip fillers, but I need to mention that they also cost more.

If you decide to get your eyebrows tattooed, then be prepared to hate your new eyebrows the first day, and then fall completely in love with them. This process doesn’t include pain and there’s no bleeding. You just need to keep your brows dry for a week in order to let the ink fully skin into the skin.

I love finding out the beauty secrets of the most popular people in the world, and I will continue to track down the other celebs who have done permanent cosmetics to look magnificent and enchanting. If you have noticed that the most popular faces on the scene have done something similar, please share some pics and thoughts of course.

I would love to know your opinion about this post about “tattoo your face and get perfect lips and brows”, so please share your comments below.

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