Gorgeous Sporty Women Swimsuits This Season

By: fashiontip.xyz

Summer is in full swing, and many of us are going on holiday. If this is a beach holiday, I bet you are looking for a cool swimsuit or two. Consider what you like to do: just sunbathe, swim, surf, dive or play beach volleyball. If you are a sporty girl that loves surfing, diving, running and swimming, pay attention to sporty swimsuits and bikinis, in which you’ll feel comfy and look sexy. There are amazing sporty swimsuits and hot cutaway bikinis for every active girl, and today I’d like to continue sharing sporty swimwear, let’s have a look at long-sleeved swimsuits.

Long-Sleeved One Piece Swimsuits

Long-sleeved one piece swimsuits are the best ones for diving, swimming and surfing, they are really comfy and you can not bother about losing parts of your swimsuit cause of strong waves or else. Neoprene is the most popular material for making such swimsuits because it resists degradation and it provides excellent insulation against cold. There are cool color block neoprene swimsuits perfect for divers. You can also find usual long-sleeved swimsuits for surfing and other sports, you can find all colors and prints possible, don’t think that these swimsuits are boring. There are very hot cut out one piece swimsuits and zip ones – this is not only comfy but also very sexy. Find you perfect print and go rock the swimsuit on the beach!


bold printed

color bloack

floral cutout


neon neoprene

Long-Sleeved Two Piece Swimsuits

Love bikinis? Rock your own long-sleeved bikini then! It’s still very comfy and sporty but shows off some skin and your curves to advantage. The parts can be with the same print or décor or totally mismatched and very eye-catchy. Such a long-sleeved two piece bikinis for women can have a retro touch or just be modern and super bold, with different prints on each part.


green printed

polka dots


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