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Despite popular opinion, not every woman finds comfort in wearing high heels. For some ladies, wearing heeled shoes daily can be a complete nuisance. Luckily for those individuals, Butterfly Twists is now made available online, and can be paid for using Dragonpay.

What started out as a silly dare among four men ended up as a women footwear brand to help women accomplish their day-to-day tasks with ease. Launched in the Philippines last October 2012, Butterfly Twists, a London-based brand, offers the ideal pair of flats for the woman-on-the-go. Its featherweight flexible sole makes it especially comfortable on the feet and even sets it apart from other shoe brands.

More than that, its stylish design comes in a wide array of choices for any consumer to choose from. From the classic ballerina flats to elegant walking boots – the consumer’s shoe options seem endless. “With the busy lifestyle of women nowadays, they need to have shoes that would make them do all their stuff [and] at the same time look great,” as the president of Butterfly Twists Philippines, Ms. Lina Claudio explains.

Also, you can be assured that your pair of Butterfly Twists is current, since the brand continuously updates their shoe collections to offer women new and exciting shoe options. Claudio adds, “When we initially launched last 2012, several new product lines were introduced in the market such as, foldable boots, slippers, sandals, loafers and slip-ons. And more exciting products are in store this 2016.”
What makes this deal even better is that your Butterfly Twists purchase is made easy with the use of Dragonpay.


With Dragonpay, you can now have the option of paying online, on mobile or through over-the-counter banking outlets. So now, you won’t have to pressure yourself in providing your credit card details just to make an online purchase. With this wide range of payment options, you are reassured that your payment has been received. Claudio expounds, “Our online shop mostly caters to our customers outside of Metro Manila, and Dragonpay having payment centers all over the country, makes them an invaluable partner to us.”

Best of all, Dragonpay ensures safe and secure transactions for both the buyer and the seller. This would mean that both parties will equally get what they ordered and what they paid for. “We do not worry about any fraud since we are assured of payment as long as Dragonpay validates them. The turn-over of payments is also very accurate and on-time,” Claudio affirms.
So, what’re you waiting for, ladies? Don’t hassle yourself in finding the perfect pair of flats to carry out your day-to-day activities elsewhere, visit now and order your pair today, with the help of Dragonpay.

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